I need a revolution

Bijgewerkt: 8 jan 2019

What are we doing?

Something’s bugging me. Here’s what:

most of us  spend most of our time  on stuff we do not really care about. 

That’s right. We spend hours (and hours) in offices or factories, waiting for the clock to strike 5 (or whatever time you can go home for your few hours of relative freedom). To then go through this whole sequence again the next day. And the next day… and on and on it goes. We call this thing work and it seems to be a self-evident truth.

Gotta make a living”, “money doesn’t grow on trees– and something with bills, rent, food and tables.

Hmmm… yeah.

But what about the things we actually want to be doing? What about the stuff that makes us come alive, that gives our life purpose, meaning, joy? Do you even remember those things?

It’s not that I don’t get it. The simple thought of not being able to pay the bills make most people nauseous. What if you have to borrow money to pay the rent? Or worse: if you are to be evicted from your home. With nothing to eat, no money to buy anything. Nothing but pure drama :)

I fear this too. I quit my first “official” job 5 years ago to go live/work as a freelance copywriter and coach. And even though it was amazing most of the times, there were periods during which I could not predict whether or not I was going to make any money in 1 or 2 months time. That sometimes scared me. It always worked out though.

About a year ago I started working on contract base for one of my clients, because we were going to do some big projects together. I must say, after having lived as a freelancer for 4 years, having a monthly salary again was pretty fucking amazing. I didn’t have to worry about anything (not even getting invoices out, gee…!!) and these people just kept  sending money. Amazeballs. Addictive from the first second.

However – yes, there is a however (and it’s huge) – after a year of ''paycheck life'', I can feel the call of the free life again. Yup, the risky life, the unpredictable life. Yet potentially: the most fulfilling life.

Who are you?

You see, I think we’re paying a price for our sense of security. I think that – deep down – everyone’s this crazy mix of talents, fascinations and skills. But it all remains very badly developed and expressed – if at all rising to the surface. Funny thing is, we often don’t even know/remember what our passions and talents are. It’s easier to have them buried under some story about how you’re fine with the way things are. To not lit that fire of inconvenient desire.

“Who am I and what do I truly want?” is a dangerous question, homies!

It’s a fun one, too. A rewarding one. But you might need to be willing to let go of certain things. Of certain beliefs, ideas, securities.

I’m here for those who like dangerous questions, for those who cannot resist the call.

The call of freedom, of purpose, of daring greatly. I’m here for those who cannot help themselves thinking that “there’s got to be more than this”. The idiots, the funny guys, the crazy girls.

Are you ready for some fun?

Let’s fucking jump.

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